Infrastructure Design
"We look forward to making it possible for you to achieve even more remarkable infrastructure projects in record time-frames..."

Vincent BesterFrom the CEO

I thank all of you for your loyal support this year. We look forward to making it possible for you to achieve even more remarkable infrastructure projects in record time-frames in 2015 by giving you the tools to do the job through our software, support and training. We are committed to continually improving our service to you.

We hope that you have a great rest with family and friends. We here at Knowledge Base will be open throughout the holiday season to offer you support if you are working.

Seasons Greetings and kind regards,
Vincent Bester

Looking ahead into 2015

We will continue to break new ground as we look forward to the release of the upcoming 2015 versions of Civil Designer and AllyCAD. The new features introduced as a result of client requests, the functionality enhancements and the speed improvements will continue to set the software apart in a league of its own.

With more than 30 new major features soon to be released in the upcoming version, we will keep you up to date with what you can expect. In the mean time, here is a glimpse at some of the important new functionality you can look forward to:

  • Significantly improved DTM performance;
  • Roundabout design using Stockdale;
  • Road components for pre-defined components in road templates;
  • Full profile control over individual chainages in roads;
  • Improved interface for vertical alignment, super elevation and road widths;
  • User-defined symbols for Sewer/Storm nodes;
  • Extended support for SWMM node and link types;
  • Sewer and Storm multiple inlet levels per manhole;
  • Sewer and Storm error checking similar to Water;
  • Export long section to Windows Metafile in Sewer, Storm and Water;
  • Borehole functionality;
  • Updated Water Pump Catalogue;
  • Improved plotting of Water networks;
  • Plot plan plots with multiple plan regions;
  • Plot pipe services within the road reserve on road long section drawings;
  • HECRAS Export routine from road cross sections;

  • Pattern origin on hatch tool bar;
  • Speedup of visual snaps;
  • Add/remove splines fit points;
  • Explode attribute entity to a text entity;
  • 'Step into modelspace' from a layout viewport;
  • Layer groups for easy access and manipulation;
  • Google Earth Export routine includes arcs and circles;

Get ready for a ground-breaking 2015!

Seasons Greetings Seasons Greetings,

The Knowledge Base Team


2014 in Action

In recent newsletters we have been proud to present just a few of the many exceptional client projects that have been delivered using the powerful, integrated design tools of our 2014 version software.


SNACivil Designer 2014 allowed for an efficient analysis of all the critical factors and enabled a cost effective design process to be delivered within a short time-frame." M.Parmanand - SNA Civil & Structural Engineer


Mott MacDonald"Civil Designer allowed us to do more than ever in a short time frame and was used to create 50km of road in one model with 47 intersections for the N2 Section 13 & 14 from Grahamstown to Fish River." M.Madatt - Mott MacDonald


EFG "AllyCAD 2014's plan layout feature means that there's no need to redraw an entire drawing when there are alterations. Further, the new Block Editor feature also significantly cuts design time. Editing blocks is easy and changes immediately reflect through the entire drawing." G. Hahn - EFG engineers


GIBB"The latest Civil Designer 2014 allowed the completion of preliminary quantities on 97.1km of gravel access roads on various Windfarm projects." A.Petersen - Gibb Engineering and Architecture