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Newsletter - 03 May 2006

Company News


Knowledge Base Sponsors SAGI Regional AGMs

Knowledge Base is pleased to be sponsoring the South African Geomatics Institute's branch AGM meetings which will be taking place around the country throughout this month.

SAGI branch Institutes had their first AGM's during March and April 2005 where their new

management teams were elected and Council members were appointed from Branch Institute and Commission members.

Last year's meetings saw the implementation of steps toward the development of sustainable programmes in South African Land Reform and Geo-spatial Information Management as institutes in the industry collaborated in their efforts to promote similar objectives. At these meetings, Knowledge Base exhibited their AllyCAD and Civil Designer software and established important links with SAGI members.

This year Knowledge Base will again provide interactive demonstrations and presentations and looks forward to meeting with industry partners and clients on the following dates:

5 May: Tshwane University of Technology, PTA
5 May: Durban Country Club, KZN
12 May: River Club, Observatory, CPT

Product News & Information


Duplicate or Overlapping Lines in AllyCAD

Duplicate lines result in very slow redraw times and very large drawings. Some functions will also not work effectively if you have duplicate or overlapping lines. A typical example is when you delete. If you click on a duplicate line to select it, and then delete it, the line will disappear. But when you redraw the screen, the line seems to reappear. This is because there was another line underneath the line you deleted.

Similarly, if you jump to an intersection, the Intersection Snap Mode may not work if there are duplicate lines or arcs over the intersection point. You can try moving the cursor around a bit and then re-try the jump. But if this does not work you will have to remove the duplicate lines or arcs to Jump to Any Intersection.


Previously, only entities that were identical in all respects could be removed. This implied that entities would have to be drawn in the same direction. In the latest version of AllyCAD, you will be able to remove entities that are actually duplicates although they were drawn in opposite directions. The program will therefore check for entities in a reverse direction but which otherwise are still duplicates.

The following may be accessed to remove duplicate entities:
The "Purge Duplicates/ Redundant" option in the File menu removes all exactly duplicated elements whether in reverse direction or not; and the "Tidy Polygons" in the Tools Menu deletes overlapping and duplicated lines and arcs, but does not work on text.

With these functions duplicate entities will be identified and deleted, allowing you to speed up your redraw times for improved performance.

AllyCAD Support & Development



Support Contracts are charged at 13% of the product purchase price and guarantee cutting edge software functionality, the availability of our Support Centre and the provision of a free marketing and publicity service where your project success stories are showcased in top trade journals. Support agreements therefore give you more choice and best of all, you will have immediate access to our upcoming AllyCAD 3.5 version with the latest functionality.


Here are the latest downloads available on the updates page:

  • AllyCAD v3.4 PRO & SME
    Build 27 (05/04/2006)

  • AllyCAD v3.4 Micro
    Build 27 (05/04/2006)

  • AllyCAD v3.4 Freeware
    Build 27 (05/04/2006)

  • AllyCAD v3.4 Help file Update

  • AllyCAD v3.4 HASP Driver Update


How to hide a layer by clicking and selecting an object

To switch off the layer on which a particular object is on usually involves first having to query the entity to see which layer it is in and then having to go to the Layer Settings Dialog to switch off that layer.

View Tech Tip

Training & Visits



Training is often regarded as the cornerstone to achieving optimal results and enhanced productivity. The value of good quality training cannot be emphasized enough.

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela

If you are interested in training, please contact your regional office to make your booking as the courses are extremely popular.




Western Cape, East Cape, Namibia & International

Cape Town
(Head Office)

Tel: (021) 701 1850

Kwazulu Natal, Free State, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mpumalanga & Zimbabwe

Durban Office

Tel: (031) 566 3323

Gauteng, Limpopo, North West Province & Botswana

Johannesburg Office

Tel: (011) 675 3959


Our Customer Consultants will be involved in the following visits and training activities over the next couple of weeks. Please feel free to give us a call on (021) 701-1850. We would be happy to meet up with you to discuss your training or product needs.






Free State

2 - 5 May

AllyCAD and Civil Designer client visits



10 - 12 May

AllyCAD and Civil Designer client visits



8 - 12 May

Civil Designer training (Design Centre, Survey, Terrain, Water, Sewer and Stormwater)



16 - 18 May

AllyCAD and Civil Designer client visits



15 - 19 May

AllyCAD and Civil Designer client visits



17 & 18 May

Advanced Road training


Book now! - there are still spaces available on these courses.



Best Regards,
The Knowledge Base Team



Customer Quote


Phil Farrant

Buffalo City
East London


No Limits

"What makes AllyCAD so fantastic, is the construction and geometry lines, it really is out of this world! You can position the sewers and the services accurately and then export shape files, straight into GIS. This has helped us tremendously and has resulted in greater control." read more


Click here to view Detailed Customer Showcases from our clients.


Buy On-line


Improve your CAD technique. Buy the superior AllyCAD Professional online today.


Bureau Service

Bureau assists companies to complete specialised projects on time.

The Knowledge Base Bureau is fully operational with a dedicated team of professionals that clients can outsource at any time to complete specialised projects within clearly defined timelines. The division assists companies that have limited resources and who are in need of specific services.

Whatever the job spec, the Bureau team will take care of it. We are committed to helping you grow your business.

For more information contact Brett Pureveen on (021) 701 1850 or visit


Recruitment Service


Short and long term contract opportunities now available:

We are currently looking to place a selection of highly competent civil engineers in a limited number of top contractual positions.

These opportunities are available to those with extensive experience in the industry and with proven expertise in the use of Civil Designer and/or AllyCAD software.

If you are interested in this exciting challenge and look forward to a lucrative career move, then please e-mail or call us on 021-701 1850 for further details.

This is a random selection of our candidates for permanent placement. Send us an email and include the Candidate Number for further information:


Candidate 709

Registered BSc (Geology & Soilscience) Geologist with 10+ years experience. Seeks contract or permanent position nationally.

Candidate 710

Civil Engineer (Traffic Engineering, Hydraulic and Geotechnical Engineering) with 7 years experience. Currently based in Germany and willing to relocate. Proficient in AutoCAD.

Candidate 677

Civil Engineering Technician with 2 years experience in design, drawing, surveying and site inspection. Has worked on CAD software. Seeks position nationally.

Candidate 711

Civil & Structural Technician with 4+ years design experience. Proficient in AllyCAD, AutoCAD and Prokon. Seeks a position in the Kwazulu Natal Region or Gauteng.

Candidate 714

Civil and Structural draughtsperson with 15+ years experience. Proficient in CAD software. Seeks a position in the Gauteng region.

Candidate 718

Civil Engineering Technician with 7 years solid roads design experience and previous survey exposure. Seeks a position in the Western Cape.




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* Price includes a 3 year extended warranty.

Visit to view detailed specifications. All prices  include VAT and may change without prior notice.



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086 0101 999
(South Africa only)

+27 21 7011850
(International Clients)




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