Newsletter - 02 March 2005


SETA Accreditation


Knowledge Base is currently in the process of having their AllyCAD and Civil Designer training courses accredited through the Sector Education and Training Authority, ISETT SETA.



This process may take between three to four months, but it is expected that approval will be awarded in June / July 2005.



More about our Training:


Knowledge Base has three training facilities with a competent and dedicated training team. These centres are located in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.


Teaching methods include one-on-one tuition in a class of not more than 8 delegates to facilitate greater interaction between the delegate and the trainer. Multiple groups may however be trained using multiple instructors.


All instructors adopt a learner-centred approach during training sessions - one of the most effective ways of helping delegates to achieve desired outcomes. In addition, instruction has been designed to orientate and equip delegates with the necessary skills to contribute to improved work efficiency through enhanced application of the software.


We also offer focused in-house “project training” where tuition is conducted on your premises and where specific trouble shooting areas within your organisation are addressed. This method of instruction allows the delegate to explore the programs full capabilities within the context of existing in-house projects.


Should you require more information on any of our training courses, then please feel free to contact one of the training co-ordinators who will be happy to assist you.


Happy Training!


Watch this space for more news on the status of our accreditation approval.




AllyCAD: The Complete Value Added Package


AllyCAD has become the premier draughting program around the globe. It is widely acclaimed for its functionality, performance and ease of use and is geared towards helping with the design process rather than hampering the user with operating procedures.


When working, this multi-functional software allows you to hide any layer by simply clicking on any entity in the layer, making operation an absolute joy. You can save and reload layer settings to create multiple views of a single drawing and can for example create an “Electricians view” of a building by simply turning off the sewer and water layers.


In addition, the program has a Toolbox containing a set of easy-to-use macros that are grouped together by discipline for ease of access. This includes customized toolbars for each discipline.


AllyCAD can also read Excel spreadsheets and users are allowed to create their own line styles using the refined symbol lines. Other attributes include an automatic text box that improves text visibility in a drawing, as well as the batch conversion utility, file converter and visible layer list function that will enhance the users experience to an even greater degree.


This versatile program allows you to visualize your design before having to do the critical final design work. You can therefore design using geometry lines, which means that you design as an engineer or designer would conceptually. Geometry lines are a superset of construction lines. They allow you to define layout, position lines and arcs tangential to each other, and allow you to define the basic layout of the drawing elements. Thereafter, you can simply fill in with solid lines to create the objects.


The programs Control Bar dramatically cuts down the number of user responses for much faster editing and drawing so that you can complete complex tasks quickly and easily. You can also open multiple drawings at once and use the Windows clipboard to cut and paste between the drawings or add drawings to other documents by simply copying the portion of the drawing you need and then pasting it into the document.


In terms of value, AllyCAD is hard to beat. It is a world-class, high quality product that is affordable and fully backed by an industry-leading support and training team. In addition, the program has superb functionality and enables the user to get on with what they are paid to do. This means that you are guaranteed of having increased productivity, enhanced accuracy and an extensive range of product attributes and benefits.


Core Product Attributes:

  • AllyCAD is universally regarded as a solid heavyweight program that is robust and reliable.

  • It contains specialised toolkits that assist in speeding up design tasks, thereby increasing productivity in the shortest possible time.

  • The operator experiences increased confidence through ongoing product development, support, training and regular communications.

  • The program is easy to learn and easy to use, resulting in high productivity that is realized through its short learning curve and user-friendly operation.

  • Value is maximised through the software’s portability and versatility.

  • The software is compatible with other popular CAD packages. Projects are therefore completed faster without the hassle of data-transfers and there is greater exchangeability with other programs.



AllyCAD Tech Tip 

How to Use the Expand Function

This Tech Tip explains how to use the Expand function.

The Expand function allows you to automatically produce a detailed view within a box or circle. It can also be used as a “cut and paste” function if magnification is set to 1.

This function will give you the option to save the detailed view onto a separate layer. It is advisable that you do this, otherwise it is easy to accidentally change the magnification of your drawing. Ensure you have created a layer to save the detailed view to before using Expand.

The first step is to create/add the layer for the expanded view....

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Latest Updates From the Development Team

Here are the latest downloads available on the updates page:

  • AllyCAD v3.4 PRO & SME
    Build 17 (25/02/2005)
  • AllyCAD v3.4 Micro
    Build 17 (25/02/2005)
  • AllyCAD v3.4 Freeware
    Build 17 (25/02/2005)
  • AllyCAD Help file Update
  • AllyCAD v3.3 PRO & SME
    Build 33 (31/05/2004)


AllyCAD Training Contact Details

If you are interested in training, please contact your regional office to make your booking as the courses are extremely popular.




Western Cape, East Cape, Namibia & International

Cape Town
(Head Office)

Tel: (021) 701 1850

Kwazulu Natal, Free State, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mpumalanga & Zimbabwe

Durban Office

Tel: (031) 566 3323

Gauteng, Limpopo, North West Province & Botswana

Johannesburg Office

Tel: (011) 675 3959



Current Visits and Training Activities

Our Customer Consultants will be involved in the following visitations and training activities over the next couple of weeks. Please feel free to give us a call on (021) 701-1850. We would be happy to meet up with you to discuss your training or product needs.







28 Feb - 4 Mar

Civil Designer and AllyCAD client visits

Johan & Paul


8 -11 Mar

Civil Designer training (Design Centre, Sewer, Stormwater and Water)



14 - 16 Mar

AllyCAD training



14 - 18 Mar

Civil Designer and AllyCAD client visits

Charles & Reece

Port Elizabeth

14 - 17 Mar

Civil Designer training




Best Regards,

The Knowledge Base Team






Working with Friends


Every business is built on friendship, said James Cash Penny, founder of the mighty American retail chain, JC Penny's. Jared E. Mrema knows this only too well, as he needs friends just to survive.


Originally from Dar es Salaam, Jared came to Botswana in 1998 and joined his friend in V A Associates (Pty) Ltd, a company that provides professional services and advice in Civil Works, Infrastructure, Water and Structural Engineering. The company also provides project management from feasibility studies to implementation stage right through to training and initial project operation.


He has been in Gaberone for 6 years now and says it is getting increasingly difficult to get contracts as competition for the few available jobs increases daily due to the large number of consulting engineering companies.


read more







If you’re looking for the best possible candidate with the right skills and technical abilities for the job, then look no further than the Knowledge Base Recruitment Centre. We specialise in the sourcing of top quality candidates for the Civil Engineering and CAD Design industries and offer you a personalized service built on complete trust, confidentiality and good faith.


This is a random selection of some of our candidates. Send us an email and include the Candidate Number for further information.


Candidate 107

Engineering Technician based in the Gauteng area. Experience in Civil Designer, AllyCAD, Trimble GPS and various total stations.

Candidate 150

Senior Civil Engineering Technician with 18 years experience in roads, civil and infrastructure design with international exposure. Experience on Civil Designer, AutoCAD and MX Roads.

Candidate 155

Engineering Technologist with experience in structural analysis and design of reinforced concrete. Experience with AutoCAD and Rebarmate. Seeks a position in the Gauteng area.

Candidate 196

Senior Civil Engineering Technician with 16 years experience in roads, civil and infrastructure design with international exposure. Computer knowledge includes Civil Designer, AutoCAD and Caddie.

Candidate 207
Civil Engineering Technician with 9 years experience on Civil Designer and AllyCAD. Experience in Survey + Terrain, Roads and Water. Seeks a permanent position within the Eastern Cape.


For more information, please visit our Knowledge Base website or contact our Recruitment Specialist Yvonne Beebee at:

Telephone (021) 7011850.



AllyCAD - Works Like You Do




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HP DesignJet 800 A1 R 32,333
HP DesignJet 800 A0 R 48,499
HP DesignJet 1050C+ R 56,905
HP DesignJet 5500 42" R 84,065
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Visit to view detailed specifications. All prices  include VAT and may change without prior notice.




















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