Keith Alexander, Alexander Architectural Designs

The building blocks of Keith Alexander's career in the architectural field came together in the carpentry office where he worked as an apprentice. During this vital phase various draughting plans bearing detailed CAD drawings often passed the contractor's desk. These drawings sparked an interest which evetually led Keith into architectural design. More..

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GBCSA to launch 'Green Building' Rating System

Green Building Council of South Africa

The trend toward 'Green building' (the design, construction and operation of energy-efficient, resource-efficient and environmentally

responsible buildings) has gained significant momentum over the last 12 months. September 2007 saw the establishment of the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) which exists to promote green building in South Africa. The GBCSA will launch a pilot Greenstar rating system in June 2008 which will be applicable to all new architectural design in the commercial and later the residential property industry.

The rating system is based on the successful Australian 'Greenstar' tool which lists all the green measures that can be incorporated into a building to make it 'green'. Points are awarded to a building according to which measures have been incorporated and a Green Rating is then allocated. To achieve a rating, building owners will submit plans and specs to the GBCSA who will employ independent assessors to assess the submission and score the building.

GBCSA Inaugural Conference

The GBCSA will be hosting its inaugural annual conference and exhibition on the 3rd November 2008 at the CTICC in Cape Town. A host of local and international speakers will address worldwide trends in green building, with a specific focus on the rating tool and its implications for the South African market.


Drawing Stairs

This function is used to add plan and elevations of staircases to drawings. The following options are specified in the stairs setup dialog: railing and tread dimensions, tread and baluster spacing, rise, going, pitch as well as nosing dimensions. The staircase height and length may be adjusted according to the number of treads and tread dimensions specified, while the different railing and tread settings may be edited, saved and loaded.

The user has the option of specifying left and/ or right railings. The landings may be added by simply indicating start, corner and end sections on the plan. In addition, the landing elevation may be drawn by indicating the start, corner and end sections, and then indicating the foot of the landing in the corresponding elevation view. Read more..



Adding a Roof to the Elevations

This Tech Tip explains how to add the roof to the elevation views on an architectural drawing. Click here to read this Tech Tip.

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