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Dave Biggert, MHP Geomatics, Durban

"It takes a special kind of person to be a surveyor. Besides having a strong Maths and Geography acumen, a surveyor has a passion for the outdoors and is not afraid to rough it out." These are the words from Dave Biggert, Director of Survey at MHP Geomatics. This dedicated and astute surveyor

has more than twenty-five years in the industry and has travelled to the most rugged parts of Africa to lay the foundation for further projects. Read More..

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Institute Sponsorship


The Annual General Meeting of the South African Geomatics Institute (SAGI) Western Cape Branch was held in Cape Town on 18 April. Progress reports and industry developments were delivered by Mr Obree (the Surveyor General), Mr Clarke (Director of Mapping) and representatives from the University of Cape Town and the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Knowledge Base sponsored the event and delivered a demonstration of AllyCAD's Survey Toolkit. In the picture is Mark Staughan (SAGI Chairperson) presenting Professor Heinz Ruther of the University of Cape Town with a gift donated by Knowledge Base.


Preparing General Plans for Surveyor General Submission

For general plans the existing layout drawing can be fully dimensioned using the Survey Toolkit, and all required tables can be generated. In terms of Dimensioning, all polygons that have been given an identifying (erf) number can be automatically dimensioned. This means that the entire GP can be dimensioned in one go. The dimensioning algorithm is intelligent enough to place the dimension on the correct side of the line or alternatively, to straddle the line as applicable. Road reserves are kept free of dimensions.

Tables for the outside figure data, block corner, reference mark, control coordinate tables, and the erf areas listing, are all drawn as part of the toolkit functionality. Read more..



Coordinating a drawing

This Tech Tip explains how to coordinate a drawing based on known survey coordinates.
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South African Links

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