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Louise Le Cordier, Makanyane Consulting Engineers

Nestled in the heart of Durban, Makanyane Consulting Engineers is bustling with activity. The dream team of this dynamic organization consists of Louise Le Cordier and her two fellow senior partners Akram Khan and Gary Visser. Each member of the team brings a unique set of skills which has created an unmistakable synergy and led to the procurement of high level contracts in short succession. Read More ...

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AllyCAD Awards

Many schools offering Engineering Graphics & Design, Civil Technology, Mechanical Technology and Electrical Technology subjects do not have sufficient computer facilities available. Knowledge Base has been pleased to facilitate the distribution of donated computers to schools that are most in need. In the picture, Heathfield High School receive a computer for the Engineering department.

From left to right is Mr E Moore, Mr D Khan, Mr B Murray (Knowledge Base Social Responsibility Department) and Mr S Dunn.

Please contact Brett Murray on 021 701 1850 or email if you would like to donate any computers or equipment to schools in need.


The South African Institute of Draughting

The South African Institute of Draughting is recognized by the Engineering Council of South Africa. One of the benefits of recognition is that registered members of a Recognised Voluntary Association enjoy partial exemption from payment of their ECSA annual fees. Another benefit is that registered members qualify annually for 1 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) point. The Institute is also recognised by the South African Council for the Architectural Profession.


Drawing Sewer Manholes & Pipes

The Civil Toolkit includes a function for drawing manholes with connecting pipes with labels for the manholes. Manholes can be offset from existing lines in the drawing and the manhole names/numbers are incremented automatically as they are added.

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19 June 2008


Drawing Cut and Fill Lines

This Tech Tip demonstrates how to draw bank cut and fill lines between a shoulder line and a toe line, or an arc using the Civil Toolkit.

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Scan2CAD raster to vector conversion. Convert scanned drawings into DXF files for editing in AllyCAD. Download a fully-working 7-Day Trial.

International Links

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The AllyCAD Website

The AllyCAD website includes a short introductory video clip demonstrating the Civil Toolkit.

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