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"We're the guys who work in the background of a building project - you don't see us but we hold the building up!" After pursuing an early interest in architecture, Geoff Bold altered his study path when he discovered that it was the fundamental principles and exact science of structural engineering that really appealed to him. Read More..

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South Africa has to a large extent based its structural design codes on those of the United Kingdom. The British Standards will however in due course all be replaced by the Eurocodes, leaving many South

African standards without a basis. This development has prompted South Africa to consider the alignment of its standards with the Eurocodes in order to benefit from the increased international competitiveness of its design and construction services.

As part of the process, the South African Institution of Civil Engineers (SAICE) working group consisting of members of the Joint Structural Division and the Geotechnical Division has been working on a revision to the South African loading code for buildings (SABS 0160) for the past number of years. The final draft for the loading code is nearing completion and it is envisaged that a Draft version of the revised code will be released for comment by the profession in the last quarter of 2008.

In order to encourage informed comment on the revised code, the Institute of Structural Engineering at the University of Stellenbosch will present a series of seminars across the country. The intention of these seminars is to inform practicing engineers of the changes and additions to the code and the reason for these amendments. The seminars are supported by the Joint Structural Division and the Geotechnical Divisions and will be presented on the following dates:

- Port Elizabeth: 7 October 2008
- Cape Town: 9 October 2008
- Durban: 14 October 2008
- Pretoria-Johannesburg: 16 October 2008

Further information is available from Ms Amanda de Wet at 021-808-4404 (


Structural Toolkit Functionality

The Structural Toolkit speeds up the drawing of building grids and structural steel sections. The Toolkit simplifies the drawing of hot rolled steel sections which includes I-sections, H-sections, channels, angles and plate girders. It also simplifies the drawing of cold rolled steel sections, angles, channels, lipped zeds and top hats. In addition, the Toolkit rapidly lays out building grids with centre lines and grid labelling as well as column bases.

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17 July 2008


Hot & Cold Rolled Sections

Using the Steel Sections function in the Structural Toolkit.

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