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Drawing Walls

The wall setup dialog allows you to edit, save and reload previous internal and external wall types. It also specifies whether you would like foundation or cavity walls included. You may swap between the external and internal wall types with ease and can specify whether you would like the wall to track around an existing line, or to be drawn fresh.

Other useful features allow you to specify whether the wall is drawn with inside or outside justification, whether your drawing direction is clockwise or anticlockwise and which layer you would like the wall drawn on. You may even specify the wall end finish. This includes what your start and end angle should be, and whether the ends of the walls should be open or closed. Read more..


Bing Walker & Associates, Cape Town

50 Years in the Industry

Bing Walker

The architectural design of Bing Walker’s home in Llandudno reflects his meticulous precision and signature quest for perfection. With fifty years in the industry which started as an engineering graduate from the University of Cape Town (UCT), one of the first projects that Bing undertook was the design and construction of his massive five storey home, which is considered a structural masterpiece. More..

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GBCSA invites public comment on 'Green Star SA'

Green Building Council of South Africa

The Green Building Council SA (GBCSA) has launched their first green building rating tool. The pilot tool can be downloaded and reviewed

at The tool sets standards and benchmarks for green building, and enables an objective assessment as to how "green" a building is. The rating system sets out a "menu" of all the green measures that can be incorporated into a building to make it green. The rating tool will be released as Version 1 (v1) in November 2008.

GBCSA will also be hosting their first annual convention and exhibition, "Green Cities SA" from 7 to 9 September at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

Renowned Architect coming to South Africa

Will Bruder will present a series of Architectural seminars at the University of Witwatersrand on 27 August 2008. Bruder has gained wide publicity for his innovative and enviro-sensitive design structures across the United States and has won a variety of prestigious awards including the Rome Prize and the DuPont Bennedictus Award. Contact the Gauteng Institute for Architecture on 011- 486 0684 for details.


14 August 2008


Drawing Cross Sections in the Architectural Toolkit

This Tech Tip explains how to draw a vertical cross section from the existing plan view indicating a facing and side truss. Click here to read this Tech Tip.

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