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Coordinating a drawing

Drawings in AllyCAD can be in either Cartesian or Surveyor Mode. Drawings in Surveyor Mode can be coordinated, which is helpful if used with design software like Civil Designer. Coordinating a drawing is achieved simply by setting the coordinates of a known point. The program then calculates the coordinates for the entire drawing. More..


Imraan Mohammed, MHP Geomatics, KZN

Creative Control in Survey

Imraan Mohammed

THE path that led Imraan Mohammed to the doors of MHP Geomatics as a CAD draughtsman in the company’s surveying office was an unlikely one that began as a student studying hardware and software support. Five years later, his advanced computer knowledge led him to the doors of MHP Geomatics in

1998 where his exposure to AllyCAD sparked an immediate interest which subsequently led him to cement his position in the company. Today, Imraan is involved in a broad range of challenging designs and has come to appreciate all aspects of surveying ranging from Cadastral, Sectional Title, Engineering Topographical, Photogrammetric, Hydrographic and Industrial Surveys. More..

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The South African Geomatics Institute (SAGI) which represent the interests of surveyors, photogrammetry, remote sensing, geographic information systems and land management, has recently announced that the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure (GSDI) Association is offering a small grants program for the year 2008.

Resources have been allocated from the US Federal Geographic Data Committee and the GISCorps of URISA, to fund a small grants program to support national or sub-national activities that foster partnerships, develop in-country technical capacity, improve data compatibility and access, and increase political support for spatial data infrastructure development.

Additional grants across the other sectors will be communicated soon. For more details on the awards, visit


Corporate Social Responsibility

In collaboration with the Western Cape Department of Education Knowledge Base would like to extend an invitation to organizations to assist with the donation of any computer hardware in secondary educational institutions.

Computers are used to facilitate amongst others, Mathematics and Geography tuition, core subjects which need to be fostered to ensure that students develop a strong acumen in surveying fields. Kindly contact the Head of Social Responsibility Brett Murray should you be interested in assisting.


11 September 2008


Creating SG Diagrams using the Survey Toolkit

SG Diagram

This Tech Tip explains how to create a Survey General Diagram using the Survey Toolkit. Click here to read this Tech Tip.

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Note: Micro, SME and Pro all include free version upgrades for first year of ownership.

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Institution of Civil Surveying (UK)
Ordnance Survey - UK

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South African Geomatics Institute
SA National Mapping Oganisation

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