3D Drawing

This tech tip explains how to draw a 3D box using Meshed Solids.

Part 1: Meshed Solid 3D Box

Change the view direction and drawing plane to Top (View > View Direction > Top and also View > Drawing plane > Top).

Go to Draw > Meshed Solids > Box, and then enter a box size of 390 x 190 x 190 as shown below.

Click in the drawing view to specify the position of the 3D box.

Change the view direction to SW Isometric (View > View Direction > SW Isometric).

At this stage the mesh is drawn as 'wireframe' (only the edge lines are visible).

Right-click in the drawing view and select Render View. To change render settings in the Render View, right-click and choose Render Settings:

Change Render mode to Smooth Shading and other settings as pictured above, and then click OK.

The rendered drawing should look like the image below.

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