Importing a Microsoft Office Excel Table

This Tech Tip explains how to import a Microsoft Office Excel table into a drawing.

Toolkit Menu › General... › Read Excel Table

The program will prompt "Set text defaults", click Yes to change the default or No to use the current text defaults.

If Yes is selected the Text Defaults dialog appears.

Click OK to accept the changes.

The File Open dialog appears, select the xls file (Microsoft Office Excel file) you want to import.

Select the file and click on Open to continue.

AllyCAD will open Microsoft Office Excel (an icon will appear in the taskbar) and the following dialog will appear in AllyCAD.

Click OK to continue.

Enter row for first cell number

Enter column for first cell.

Enter row for last cell.

Enter column for last cell.

Indicate position for the imported table, left click to indicate the position.

Enter the column width.

If additional tables need to be imported click Yes or No to end function.

The table will be imported into AllyCAD.

The original Table in Microsoft Office Excel.

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