Bitmap Batch Loading

This function will load all bitmaps of supported types from a selected directory. The supported types are JPEG, TIFF, BMP, ECW and MrSID. However, in order to facilitate the automatic placement of these bitmaps, a world file of the same name as the bitmap must exist in the same folder. The standard world files (log, tfw, sdw and hgr) are supported. For Southern Hemisphere drawings the sign of the coordinates in the world file are automatically reversed.

File Menu › Load › Batch Load Bitmaps

A folder selection dialog appears.

Browse to the folder that contains the bitmaps and the world files.

Once the folder is selected, click OK.

The tiling process (if required) will be shown as the bitmaps are loaded

All supported bitmaps from the selected folder will be loaded.

At the end of the import a message will display telling you the number of bitmaps successfully loaded

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