Simple Moving and Copying Techniques

Moving or dragging and copying a single entity to a new position can be performed using the Select Cursor to Drag a selection set from one place to another.

To do this, move the cursor onto the entity of your choice and press your left mouse button, this will highlight the entity. Select the entity again by pressing the left mouse button down and holding it down. Move your mouse taking the selected entity with it, now you can place it in a new position.

The screen shot below shows the selection of the CAD entities (in this case text and lines are selected):

Here, the CAD entities are now selected:

If you hold the Shift key down while you are dragging the entity, you will only be able to Move the selection set in a horizontal or vertical direction. This allows you to make precise movements.

You can now proceed to Copy this element to a new position, leaving the original exactly where it is. If you press the Control [Ctrl] key down while you drag your element, the selection set will not be moved. Instead a copy of the selection set will be made and the copy will be dragged to the new position. See screenshot below:

To incorporate both techniques together, Select the entity, and then depress the Shift and Control key simultaneously while you drag the selection set to its new position.

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