This Tech Tip explains how to manage bitmaps loaded into a drawing.

This function allows you to manage the images in the drawing, specifically:
  • Correct or change the path to an image
  • Delete images
  • Set images as Loaded (visible) or Unloaded (invisible)

Viewing the bitmaps in the drawing

Tools Menu › Bitmap List
The bitmap list is displayed.

Deleting bitmaps

Right-click on the row of the bitmap grid containing the name of the bitmap you want to delete.

Select Delete from the pop-up menu. The selected bitmap will be marked for deletion.

Repeat if you want to delete more than one bitmap.

The bitmaps which are marked for deletion will have a red background on their grid row.

Click the OK button. The bitmaps that you marked for deletion will be permanently removed from the drawing.

Editing or correcting a bitmap path

You may want to change the file path to a bitmap if you have moved the actual bitmap file. You may also want to modify the bitmap's file path to point to a different bitmap file.

Click on the browse button (...) on the row containing the bitmap whose path you want to modify.

The bitmap image file browser will appear, allowing you to find and select a bitmap image file.

When you exit the file browser, the new path will be displayed in the bitmaps grid.

Click the OK button. The bitmap whose path you changed will be reloaded to reflect the new bitmap file.

Loading and Unloading bitmaps

When you unload a bitmap, the memory it uses is released, and it becomes invisible, which results in improved CAD performance.

Right-click in the Load column of the grid row whose bitmap you want to unload. The Load status of that bitmap will be toggled between Yes (Loaded) and No (Unloaded).

Click the OK button. Those bitmaps whose load status is set to Yes will be reloaded (become visible), while those bitmaps whose load status is set to No will be unloaded (become invisible).

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