Survey General Diagrams (Survey Toolkit)

This Tech Tip explains how to create a SG Diagram using the Survey Toolkit.

Setting the defaults:
Toolkit Menu › Survey...› SG Diagram › Setup

The first step is to set the defaults the program will use when drawing the SG Diagram.

AllyCAD has a default file that you can load, any of the settings on the setup screen may be changed to suite your specific requirements. To load the default file, click on the Load button.

The default file is stored in the following folder:

For Windows XP

c:\documents and settings\all users\shared documents\knowledge base software\examples\sgfiles

For Windows Vista

c:\users\public\public documents\knowledge base software\examples\sgfiles

Various settings may be modified, for more detailed help on the various tab options, press F1 with this dialog open.

Clicking on the Options button allows you to modify the Diagram options.

Surrounding data snip offset Specify the offset in mm on paper around the erf figure that is used to clip surrounding data. ie. Everything within this offset will get copied across to the new diagram drawing.
Offshoot linetype Specify the line type to indicate lines that do not belong to the consistency. This value will be used by the Adjust Drawing function.
Corner point diameter Enter the diameter for the corner point beacon circles in mm on paper.
Layer Names Specify the CAD layer name for the various parts of the diagram drawing.
Separators Specify the character to be used for the decimal point, the thousands position and for building up a degree, minutes and seconds bearing value.
Round bearing to nearest 10s Check this option to round bearings to the nearest 10 seconds.
Plus sign for positive coords Check this option for positive coordinates on the diagram to prepended with a "+" sign.
Servitude notes Check this option to be prompted, when creating a diagram, to include notes under the Servitude heading specified under the Text tab.
Additional notes Check this option to be prompted, when creating a diagram, to include notes under the Notes heading specified under the Text tab.

Use an .ini file to maintain a database of Town Survey Mark and Trigonometrical Beacon control points for your SG diagrams and general plans.

Coordinates can either be typed in, or loaded from files. These points are stored in the .ini file, and in this way one file can be constantly maintained and used each time you frame diagrams and/or general plans.

Storage file By clicking on the file location button you can create a new control file, or choose an existing one that you have previously created.
Category Specify whether the control point is a Tsm or a Trig beacon.
Name Depending on the category, the drop-down list box contains the control points listed in either the TRIG or the TSM section of the .ini file. Upon selecting a point, the corresponding coordinate value and number (if a Trig beacon) are displayed. A new control point can also be typed in.
No The number of the control point if it is a Trig beacon.
Y The horizontal ordinate of the control point.
X The vertical ordinate of the control point.

External files containing coordinate listings may be directly imported into your .ini file. Formats supported are comma-delimited files (*.csv)

Once the defaults have been set click OK to continue.

Setting the defaults:

Toolkit Menu › Survey...› SG Diagram › Trace Figure

You will be prompted to Indicate first point of outside figure. Indicate the first consistency point graphically. The cursor will automatically

The program will then prompt you to Enter Label for first point. Type in the label for the first consistency point and press Enter

You will be asked to enter all the consistency points and labels. When you indicate the first point again, the diagram will be generated in a new cad drawing.

The complete SG Diagram.

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