Using Layers

This Tech Tip explains the purpose and function of layers in AllyCAD.

A layer in AllyCAD refers to drawing layers. Different features of the actual CAD drawing can be drawn on different layers to facilitate the viewing and printing of any combination of these features.

Defining Layers
Settings Menu › Layer Settings or click on the icon on the File Toolbar to open the layer settings dialog.

The Layer Setting dialog box is displayed.

By default, AllyCAD has just one layer, 0. You can add your own layers, up to a total of 65,000

Add the required number of layers by right clicking on the lowest layer and selecting Add new layer.

Rename the layers to an appropriate name by double clicking on the layer and typing in the new name.

When adding a new layer the defaults will automatically be set. Once the layer has been added the defaults for the new layer can be modified i.e. the colour can be changed or the line type. The pen colour can be changed right clicking on the pen and selecting a new colour from the Select Color dialog. A different pen colour and line type can be set for each layer.

To delete a layer, position the cursor on the layer to be deleted and right click. A menu list appears and select Delete layer. The layer will only be deleted when the Layer Settings dialog is closed by clicking OK. You cannot undo a layer delete once the OK button has been clicked.

Layers can be locked so that the information on the locked layer may not be selected and altered in any way.

The layer magnification is set to 1 (default). However each layer can be assigned a different magnification with respect to the scale of the drawing.

Selecting Layers
You can change between layers by clicking in the pull down tab in the command area. The layers are listed and click on the layer you require. The selected layer then becomes the current layer.

You can also select Settings Menu › Set Visible Settings or left click on the icon on the File Toolbar

A new pop up menu appears and lists all the layers. The visible layers are highlights and a asterix appears by the current layer.

If you click on a layer and then on the Set Current Layer button, a new pop up menu appears and you can select the new Current Layer.

If you click on the Current Only button then only the Current Layer will be visible.

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