Scaling a drawing using cursor or x & y coords

This Tech Tip explains how to scale a drawing using the cursor or by x & y coords

File › Menu › Open

Select the drawing you want to scale.

With the drawing open, press Ctrl A (select All)

The drawing will be highlighted to show you it has been selected.

Modify Menu › Scale

AllyCAD will prompt:

Enter point about which to scale

Press H (centre of the screen)

AllyCAD will prompt:

Enter scale from cursor (else from keyboard)

Select Yes to scale using the cursor or No to enter the scale factor via the keyboard.

If you select Yes

AllyCAD will prompt:

Enter point to be scaled

Indicate the point with the cursor.

AllyCAD will prompt:

Move mouse and click, or type in new X and Y scale factors

Move the mouse or type in the required x and y coords.

If you select No

AllyCAD will prompt:

Enter x and y scale factors

Type in the required values, the values do not have to be the same, but then the drawing will not be scaled at the same proportion. A value large than 1 will increase the size of the drawing a value less than 1 will reduce the size of the drawing.

The drawing scales 10 times the original size.

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