Drawing Gears in the Mechanical Toolkit

This Tech Tip demonstrates how the Mechanical Toolkit facilitates the drawing of gears

This Tech Tip is also demonstrated via a short tutorial video clip. Click here to view the tutorial.

Note: Make sure that the drawing units are set to "mm" (millimeters) before using the mechanical toolkit functions.

The first step is to define the defaults that the toolkit will use.

Toolkit Menu › Mechanical... › Setup

Toolkit Menu › Mechanical... › Draw Gears

The following dialog will appear:

You can select a gear from the drop-down list or fill in the relevant data and create a new gear.

Click Add to create a new gear.

To Type in the new name and select OK

Make the changes to the Pressure Angle, Number of teeth and Module

The PCD is calculated automatically from the given dimensions.

Enter the Shaft diameter and Key width and depth if required

Select the line type (solid or hidden) to use.

Select OK to draw the specified gear.

You will be prompted to save the changes.

Select Yes to build up the gear library.

You are prompted indicate the centre for the gear.

Enter the location you would like the gear positioned.

The gear is drawn in and you may continue drawing the gear as required Press esc or click on the Done icon to end the function.

Rotating the gear:
Select the gear and highlight it.

Select Modify › Rotate and enter over the centre of the gear.

You are prompted to enter the angle from the keyboard (or using the cursor).

Deleting gear definitions:
Ensure the gear you would like to delete is visible in the drop down menu.

Select Delete.

Select 'Yes' and the gear is removed from the library.

Warning: If you modify an existing gear definition, you will be asked to save it. Select No to avoid changing the original gear definition.

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