Defining Zoom Views

This Tech Tip explains how to define zoom view areas which you can zoom into at the press of a button. (AllyCAD allows up to 10 predefined zoom views to be set).

This Tech Tip is also demonstrated via a short tutorial video clip. Click here to view the tutorial.

To define the area Select

View › Define Zoom View

or press Z on the keyboard and select the Define Zoom View option or press Z and D to go directly to Define Zoom Views.

Click on the number in the menu that will correspond to the zoom you are about to define. A large cross hair appears on the screen. Position the cursor at one corner of the area to define and enter. Drag the cursor so as the box surrounds the area to be zoomed and enter.

The zoom area will be marked by green lines and will be numbered. The menu re-appears and you can select another number to define another view or exit the function by clicking on the screen outside the numbered view or pressing esc.

To zoom into the selected area you can press the related number on the keyboard or select

View > Zoom View

and click on the corresponding number.

The defined zooms are stored with the drawing.

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