Creating Elevations in the Architectural Toolkit

This Tech Tip explains how to insert the elevation views on an architectural drawing.

Once a plan view has been completed with windows, doors and roof line inserted, select the draw elevations option from the Archtectural Toolkit

Toolkit > Architectural > elevations > Draw

The Elevation Set up dialog appears.

Here you can adjust the Eaves height, Floor to Window and Door height, Pen Colour and the Line Type. It is not necessary to select the layers as AllyCAD will position each elevation in its correct layer.

Click Ok

The program prompts you to indicate the face on the plan for which you want to add an elevation.

Click on the face of the plan for which you want the elevation drawn.

You are prompted to enter the Roof Line Position of the Elevation. Remember to leave enough space between the plan and the roof line as the roof will be inserted towards the plan.

The Cursor is locked at Toggle angles 0 and 90 degrees. Drag the cursor to the position for your view and enter.

You are prompted to select the window/doors to be placed in the elevation

Click on each window and door in the plan view that you want included in the elevation and press Spacebar once completed.

You are prompted to select the outside walls for the elevation.

Click on each outside wall.

Press spacebar to insert the roof line and floor of the elevation.

You may now proceed to the next elevation that you wish place.

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