Making Calculations

This Tech Tip explains how to use AllyCAD's built in calculation facility.

Whenever the CAD prompts you to enter a distance, be it diameter, radius, length etc. you can enter that distance as an arithmetic expression, e.g. 120/2.

This expression is calculated when you click on the 'tick' button, or press [Enter] or your right mouse button after typing the expression, resulting in the correct distance being used.

You can use the following functions:

*multiply (use the * on the numeric keypad)
/divide (use the / on the numeric keypad)
-minus (use the - on the numeric keypad)
+plus (use the + on the numeric keypad)
^power, e.g. 10^2 (ten to the power of two)
sqrt(x) square root, e.g. sqrt(100) (square root of 100)

The functions sin(x), cos(x), tan(x), asin(x), acos(x), atan(x), atan2(y:x), int(x), abs(x), log(x) and ln(x) are also available.

Standard mathematical hierarchy applies, and brackets can be used to force the sequence of operations. The correct use of brackets when using + and - in combination with * and / is essential.

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