Multiple Erf Dimensionsing (Survey Toolkit)

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This Tech Tip explains how to use the multiple erf dimensioning routine in the Survey Toolkit to automatically dimension erf figures for you in accordance with Surveyor-General requirements.

If you have a site layout with erf numbers inside the erf figures, then this function can automatically dimension the figures as follows:

Setting the Defaults
The first step is to set up the defaults for the General Pan function.

Toolkit Menu › Survey... › General Plan... › Setup

Click on the Load button, the standard Browse dialog opens.

Browse to the following folder:

C:\AllyCAD35\Examples\SG_Files, click on the SG_GenPlan.ini file, and then on the Open button.

Once the file is opened the defaults will be loaded, the user can make any changes required.

Click on the Options button.

Click OK to continue.

Adding the dimensions

Toolkit Menu › Survey... › General Plan... › Add Dimensions › Multiple Dimensions

Select the CAD layer with the erf numbers, click OK to continue

The site with the dimensions added.

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