Changing the Point Style

AllyCAD allows the user to customize the point style used. This will change the style of all the points in the project or drawing.

CAD Mode
Settings Menu › View Settings

Click on the Point Style button.

Point Style: Select the point style from the list (Point, None, Cross, X Cross, Blip).

Add Circle: Check this to add a circle to the point.

Add Box: Check this to add a box to the point.

Add Diamond: Check this to add a diamond to the point.

Point Size: Enter a value for the point size. A negative value is interpreted as a percentage of the screen size regardless of magnification.

Click OK to accept changes

Below shows the use of a point style with a circle added:

Below shows the use of a point style with a square added:

A combination of the various point styles can also be used. The final sreen shot below shows a combination of a circle and a square for the point style.

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