Save Default Settings and Autobackup

It is regarded as good practice to save your drawing or project after you have made any major changes or periodically while working. To set the Autobackup time, select the following options.

Please note that this only creates a backup of the actual drawing and not of the database elements i.e. DTM and Design.

Select File > Save Options > Save Settings if you are in the Design Centre Mode. If you were in any other mode you can still access this by selecting; File > Drawing > Save Options > Save Settings

This Save Settings dialogue allows the user to set the frequency of timed backups. These backup files are saved to the source folder/directory or a user specified folder/directory and are named Abackup1..DRG and

Failing to specify a folder/directory for your timed backups to be written into will result in the timed backup being written to the source folder. In the event of you working across to a server will result in the backup being written to the folder where you have accessed the drawing.

Note: Leaving the Backup Path blank will result in the Backups being written to where you have accessed the drawing.

If timed backup is set to 10 minutes the drawing is saved to this directory after 10 minutes and the saved drawing is named Abackup1..DRG.

When the user has been working for 20 minutes the drawing is again saved to the specified directory and the previously saved drawing is renamed as Abackup2..DRG. The newly saved 20 minute backup copy is then saved as Abackup1..DRG.

After 30 minutes the first (10 minute) backup drawing is deleted, the 20 minute backup drawing is renamed from Abackup1.DRG to Abackup2.DRG and the 30 minute drawing is saved as Abackup1..DRG.

Click on the OK button.

Once all these settings have been completed they must be saved in the STARTUP.DRG file. This is the default drawing file that is presently loaded or that is loaded at startup or when starting a new project or drawing.

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