Rotating and clipping Bitmaps

Version 3.5 of AllyCAD allows bitpmaps to be rotated and clipped to any shape.

Loading the Bitmap

File Menu › Load › Load Bitmap

Once the bitmap has been loaded, double clicking on the bitmap allows the user to rotate the bitmap or to clip out a region of the bitmap.

Enter an angle, click OK and the bitmap will be rotated. The bitmap is rotated about the top left hand corner.

Click Set Clip Region.

The program will prompt:

Enter the first point with the mouse (left click).

Select the next point of the clip region. To close the clip region press the Space Bar.

The bitmap will the clipped. To undo the clipping, double click on the clipped bitmap and select Clear Clip Region.

The bitmap will be restored.

Please note: Clipped bitmaps are not backwards compatible with earlier versions of AllyCAD.

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