Batch converting drawings

Converting drawings from AllyCAD to AutoCAD DXF/DWG would be a time consuming operation if each drawing had to be opened and saved individually.

This process has been made easier with the file converter function in the General Toolkit

The first step in the process is to specify the DXF/DWG version you want to save to. This is only required if you are converting AllyCAD DRG files to AutoCAD DXF/DWG. The File Converter can also convert AutoCAD DXF/DWG to AllyCAD DRG

Setting Menu › DXF/DWG Conversion Settings

For the best results delete all the fonts listed in the conversion dialog.

Once the destination format has been selected, we can start with the file conversion.

Toolkit Menu › General › File Converter:

Before batch printing uncheck the 'Open Creates a new window' option in the System Settings.

Clicking OK will open the System Settings Dialog

AllyCAD will display a list of files that can be converted. Select the file type you wish to convert.

The standard File Open dialog will be displayed. Select any drawing from the directory containing the required files and click Open.

Select the destination file type or select the Edit List File option if you would like to edit the list of conversion drawings.

If you edit the drawing list the following message will be displayed:

A sample of the drawing list in Notepad.

As soon as you click OK the program will start batch converting.

AllyCAD will load every drawing in the file list and save it in the specified format

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