How to hide a layer by selecting an object

To switch off the layer on which a particular object is on usually involves first having to query the entity to see which layer it is in and then having to go to the Layer Settings Dialog to switch off that layer. A quick method of switching off layers is to use the Hide Layer function, which enables you to switch off the layer by simply selecting the object.

Select the function by clicking on the Hide Layer option in the General toolkit as shown below:

AllyCAD will then prompt as follows:

Select 'Yes' if you want the name of the layer to be switched off, otherwise select 'No' if you do not want the layer name displayed.

You will then be prompted to select the object in the layer you wish to hide as follows:

Click near or on the object whose layer you want to hide.

If you selected 'Yes' to be prompted for the name of the layer, AllyCAD will display a message similar to the one shown below and the object and all objects in the layer will disappear.

Alternatively, if you opted not to display the layer message, the object and all objects in that layer will disappear without informing you.

If you click on an object in the current layer, you will see the message shown below since AllyCAD does not allow the current layer to be switched off.

If you wish to hide this layer change the current layer by selecting another layer in the drop down list of current layers in the command bar shown below and select the Hide Layer function again.

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