Geometry Lines

Geometry consists of construction lines and circles. These can be used as guide lines which can be traced over using the Geometry Trace-Over functions. This allows the user to determine the positions of points, line and arc intersection points and the projection of existing lines to another part of the drawing.

Geometry has the following properties:

It has no end points and continues into infinity.
It is not printed or plotted.
It is common to all layers.

Available constructions
The following constructions are available:

Projecting solid lines and arcs to geometry lines and circles
The Make Geometry function duplicates solid lines and arcs as geometry lines and arcs. This is useful for projecting lines into another part of the drawing, or for finding the intersection point between projected lines and arcs.

Deleting geometry and switching it on and off
When you no longer need your geometry, you can switch it off using Show Geometry in View Settings in the Settings Menu or Switch Geometry On/Off.

You can also delete it permanently using the following functions:

Geometry Menu › Delete Geometry El

deletes a single geometry line or circle.

Geometry Menu › Delete All Geometry

deletes all your geometry.

Geometry deletion is permanent. The Undo function will not restore a deleted geometry element.

Jumping and snapping to geometry lines, arcs and intersections
The following Jumps will jump to geometry entities:

Geom Intersections
Jump Any Intersection
Jump Near Element
The following Snap Modes will snap to geometry entities:
Grab All
Geom Intersection
Nearest Line/Arc

Saving geometry
Geometry is not automatically stored when you save a drawing.

If you want your geometry to be automatically stored when you save a drawing, you must use the File Menu > Save Options > Save Settings option to check the Save Geometry box before you save your drawing.

If the Save Geometry box is checked, your geometry will be saved in a file with the same name as your drawing, but with a .geo instead of a .drg extension. It will be saved each time you save the drawing.

Alternatively, you can save geometry using the File Menu > Save Options > Save Geometry option. Saved geometry can be loaded into a drawing using the File Menu > Load > Load Geom option.

Changing geometry color
You cannot change the color of existing geometry. To change the color of subsequently entered geometry, use New Geometry Color.

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