Importing DXF/DWG Made Easier

This Tech Tip explains how importing DXF/DWG files has been made easier with the introduction of a Wizard that assists the user during the importing process..

Select File Menu › Open

Select the relevant AutoCAD DWG or AutoCAD DXF

In previous versions of AllyCAD, a corrupt DXF/DWG drawing would not open. In AllyCAD 3.6 the following error message will appear:

Select Yes to run the recovery process and load the drawing as usual (otherwise select No to abort the loading process).

If the drawing contains layouts, a dialog will appear allowing the user to either select the required layout or load the modelspace portion of the drawing.

Click Yes to show the layouts in the drawing. (See option 1)

Click No to load Modelspace (See option 2).

Option 1 (Load Layout)

If there is more than 1 layout, you will be asked to select which layout you wish to load:

Select the required layout and click OK to continue.

This dialogue allows the user to select the Pen Mappings only.

Option 2 (Load Modelspace)

The following dialogue is displayed:

This dialog allows the user to select the Paper Size, the Scale of the drawing, the coordinate system, and what colours to use.

Click Next, to continue.

The Font Mappings can be set on the next screen.

Click Finish to continue.

Switching off the Wizard

By default the Wizard is enabled. To disable the Wizard.

Setting Menu › System Settings

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