Exporting Different Versions of DXF/DWG files

This Tech Tip explains how to export different versions of DXF/DWG files.

Changing the Versions

Settings Menu › DXF/DWG Conversion Settings

On this dialog, the target version of the DXF/DWG file can be specified.

When an AllyCAD drawing is then saved as a DXF or DXG file, the version will be as specified. From version 3.5, AutoCAD 2004-2006 file formats will also be supported.

The reason for the different versions is that the DXF/DWG format is slightly different for each version, i.e. AutoCAD 12 cannot open a version 2000 file, but AutoCAD 2002 can open any files created in previous versions.

Opening the Files in AutoCAD

Opening a version 12 DXF file.

Opening a version 2000 DXF file.

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