Submitting a Crash Report

This Tech Tip explains the build in crash report system.

The Crash Report
When the program crashes on a computer running Windows 2000 or Windows XP, a crash report will be generated.

In the space provide, please provide a detailed description of what you were busy with before the crash occurred. Not including any information will cause delays in resolving the crash.

Once complete click on the send button, the crash report will then be automatically emailed to the Knowledge Base Support Centre.

If you do not have email on your computer, the crash report creates a zip file stored in the c:\allycad34 folder called The file can then be copied and emailed to

All crash reports are analysed by the development team and solutions to the crashes will be emailed.

In most cases the problem has been reported before and a patch has been issued. Patches can be downloaded from our web site

To check which version of the program you have installed:

Open AllyCAD

Help Menu › About

The About Dialog will appear, the important information is the build number. On this computer version 3.4 build 23 is installed.

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