Selection Filters

This Tech Tip explains the various Selection Filters available. Selection Filters can be accessed via the Edit Menu › Selection Filters... or via the File Toolbar as shown:

The selection filters dialog will appear.

Selection filters are a very powerful means of just selecting certain portions of your drawing. You can select by entity type (line, arc text etc.) or by properties (layer, colour, text font) and even by text string.

The dialog box will remain open until you click on the Close button. You can keep it open for instant access to the Selection Filters functions while you are doing other things.

The filters control all selection functions. For example, if you have set up the filters to select only arcs and you Select All, only arcs and circles will be selected. If you select everything within a Polygon, only arcs and circles within the polygon will be selected, etc.

Once selected, the group of primitives is called the selection set, and can be edited, moved, mirrored, scaled, copied, rotated, deleted, etc. It is highlighted and surrounded by handles or nodes.

To change from handles to nodes, use Edit Menu › Select Nodes. To change from nodes to handles, click on the Select icon.

If what is selected is not what you expected, check the filters you have selected. If you include part of an object within a selection box or polygon, the whole object may be selected despite the filter settings. If you only want to select part of the object, you must first explode the object, using Objects Menu › Explode Objects.

The Selection Dialog box is divided into three tabbed sections, Objects, Properties and Text: Objects:

This page contains filters for entity types. The following options are available:


Clears the selection set


Closes the dialog box.

Select All

Selects everything in the drawing subject to the current filters.


Select everything within a polygon.


Select objects by clicking on them.


Select objects by name.


Select hatches.


Select layers.

There are also filters for entity types. For example to just select lines, un-check the Allow All box and check the Lines box.


This page allows you to further restrict what entities will be selected. You can restrict to current layer, current colour, current linetype, as well as attributes like line width, symbol style and polyline fill colour. Some restrictions obviously apply only to certain entities. For example if you check Current Polyline Fill Colour, the restriction will have no effect on text items. (It will only affect polylines).

Hatch/Solid fill
This section determines what objects will be selected based on their hatch flag. Remember that hatch perimeters are stored as normal objects, with a special hatch flag set in the object header.

Hatch and Non Hatch

If this is checked then all hatch and non hatch objects will be selected. If this is unchecked, then the following checkbox (Hatch/Solid Fill only) becomes enabled.

Hatch/Solid Fill only

If this is checked, then only hatch perimeters will be selected. If it is unchecked, then only non-hatch objects will be selected.

Current hatch

If this is checked, then only hatch perimeters that match the current default hatch will be selected. (You can change the current default hatch, either by selecting Annotate/Enter Hatch, and changing the hatch type, then pressing cancel, or by using Annotate/Pick Index from Hatch and taking the index from an existing hatch perimeter.)


This allows you to restrict what text items will be selected based on text attributes such as font, text height and even a string of text.

The text string is a case insensitive match, and matches if any part of the text on the drawing contains the match string.

Note: Once the selection has been made, make sure you click on the Filter Reset button before closing the Selection Filters dialog.

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