Layer Redraw Order

This Tech Tip explains the new layer redraw order functionality.

How it works
In the sample drawing, the layers were drawn in the following order Layer 4, Layer 3, Layer 2, Layer 1, Layer 0

Using the default CAD settings the layers will be drawn as shown above.

AllyCAD can also redraw layers in layer order.

Settings Menu › System Settings

Changing the redraw order will slow the redraw speed, when changing the redraw order the program will inform the user of the slowdown.

The same drawing with Redraw in layer order selected.

Notice the change in layer redraw order.

With the Redraw in layer order option selected, the layer order can also be changed using the Layer Settings dialog.

Use the large arrows on the right to change the layer order.

Once the new layer order has been selected, click OK to continue.

Press S to refresh the screen, the layers will now be drawn in the selected order.

Note: The layer redraw order is not stored with the drawing.

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