Using Invalid Login Names

This tech tip explains the various implications of using an invalid Login Name.

Creating the Login Name
In most cases the Login Name is created via AllyCAD when the user logs on by clicking on the Add New Name button.

Using this method is recommended.

Problem Login Names include names with spaces or commas, if the above dialog is used the space is automatically replaced with an underscore ( _ )

Users often rename the Login Names via Windows Explorer, these names can then contain invalid characters. In this example the Logon Name was renamed to Support1.

If a user uses a log on name with a space, the user will not be able to save drawings, the following error message will appear.

I have logged on with an invalid Login Name, Support 1.

In future versions of AllyCAD, the invalid user names will not be listed on the log on screen. An error message will appear alerting the user of the invalid name and will default to the Guest Login Name.

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