Missing Linestyle Option Due to XP Themes

With the release of Windows XP (Professional and Home Edition), Microsoft introduced a new visual theme into the operating system.

Problems created with themes
When Windows XP is installed, by default the new Windows theme is activated. On certain Windows XP systems this is causing problems with the linestyle drop down on the control bar.

The dialog above shows the Control Bar correctly, on certain computers, the 1 CONTINUOUS is not shown at all.

Solving the problem
To enable AllyCAD to use the new visual style introduced by Windows XP, an additional file is installed into the program folder. To solve the problem of the missing linestyle dropdown, this file needs to be deleted.

AllyCAD will still operate as normal, the only difference being no theme will be used.

To delete this file, make sure AllyCAD is closed. Open Windows Explorer, go to the installation folder (for AllyCAD the default installation folder is c:\allycad34)

In this folder delete the "allycad.exe.manifest" file. NOTE: This file will not exist if you have purchased AllyCAD recently as it has already been removed.

Once the file has been deleted, reopen the program. Without the themes applied, the linestyle dropdown should reappear.

The Control Bar, with the manifest file deleted, notice the dialog is no longer using the default Windows XP theme.

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