Deleting Multiple Hatches Of One Type

This Tech Tip explains how to delete multiple hatches of one type - globally

Selecting the Hatch Index
This is done via the Annotation Menu ► Pick Index from Hatch

Select the hatch pattern to delete (click on the hatch with the mouse cursor)

After clicking on the hatch, the hatch index will be displayed, as shown above.

Click OK to continue

Using Selection Filters
The next step is to use selection filters to select the hatch patterns defined by the hatch index

This is done via the Edit Menu ► Selection Filters...

Select the Properties Tab on the Select dialog and make the following changes:

Drag a box over the entire drawing, using the mouse cursor (click on the top left hand corner, with the left mouse button pressed, drag a box to the lower right corner, the hatch pattern/s will be selected).

Once the hatch has been selected, press the Del button on the keyboard. Only the selected hatch will be deleted.

NB: Once you have deleted the hatch, make sure that the Selection Filters are reset. This is done by clicking on the Objects Tab on the Select dialog and then pressing the Filter Reset button.

Click on the Close button once reset.

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