How to Customize The Screen Layout

AllyCAD appearance can be customised in a number of ways:
  • Make use of Windows display themes
  • Change the colours on the colour toolbar
  • The position and visibility of toolbars
  • The background colour of the drawing
  • Each user can have different settings for the last three items even though they use the same computer.

Windows XP Themes
AllyCAD 3.3 supports Windows XP's ability to use the standard Windows themes.


The first screen shot shows the Drawing defaults dialog with standard "Blue Luna" theme enabled and the second is the same dialog without the any theme.

On certain computer configurations, the themed dialogs in the software can cause problems. To disable the use of themes, use the Windows search function and search for allycad.exe.manifest. Delete or rename this file. When you open the program again the dialogs will not use any themes. If Windows is running in Standard Mode, themes will not be used. Consult the Windows online help for more information.

Changing the colour toolbar colours
The standard colour toolbar looks like this:

To customise the colours, click on the PEN button on the command bar.

The following dialog will be displayed:

The top portion of this dialog represents then standard toolbar. Right clicking on a colour in the top area opens the following dialog:

You can now select any colour shown, or click on the [Define Custom Colors] button to create more colours

Once the colour has been selected, the new colour will be shown on the standard colour toolbar.

The new colour for Pen 1 shown in the Select Color dialog will also be shown on the colour toolbar.

Displaying toolbars
Various toolbars are provided with AllyCAD. These can be accessed via the View Menu ► Toolbars menu option. The standard toolbars are shown below

Once the toolbars are selected, they can be moved around the screen by clicking on the toolbar, holding down the left mouse button and dragging. If the toolbars are dragged onto the drawing area, the toolbars will appear in a window. If the toolbars are dragged top the edge of the screen the toolbars will automatically dock themselves.

Changing the drawing background colour
Select the Settings › View Settings menu option

Clicking on the [Background Color] button allows you to select the background colour for the current drawing. You can also set this colour to be the default colour for all your drawings.

To make the colour the default follow these steps:
Make sure you have a blank drawing, change the background colour, and then save the drawing as the startup.drg file in your user folder. The startup.drg is loaded when you open AllyCAD and contains the startup settings.

The Directory structure is as follows:

AllyCAD33 ------> Users -----> Guest / Other User

Each user folder has a startup drawing, therefore each user can have individual settings.

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