How to Modify Existing Dimensions

Once dimensions are entered on a drawing, there are various ways to modify the dimensions.

Double clicking on the dimension text brings up the following options:

The menu that appears allows you to edit the dimension text, the arrow head or the pen. There is also the ability to move the dimension text in a horizontal or vertical direction. Select the dimension by dragging a selection box around the dimension.

Once the dimension has been selected go to the Edit › Select Nodes function (notice the difference in the selection)

Once in node selection mode, click on the square below the dimension text. The square will turn black to indicate the it has been selected.

The next step is to use the cursor keys to move the text left or right. We are going to move the text to the left, press the left cursor key. The program will prompt for the distance to move.

Press enter to accept the value. The dimension text will move the entered distance.

The same procedure can be used to move the text in a vertical direction up or down. To move the text use the up and down cursor keys. Note that the witness lines will be moved along with the dimension text.

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