Better Redraw Speed of Large Drawings

There are a number of options available for increasing the speed of redraws and here are a few of the more important ones:
  1. Increase your CPU and hard drive speed and supply more RAM. This will have an instantaneous effect on the speed of redraws as we are bound by the speed of data access on the one hand, and on the speed of processing on the other.

  2. Change the AllyCAD virtual memory setting. From the menu select Settings › Virtual Memory Settings.

  3. This setting controls the amount of RAM that we can pre-allocate for storing drawing information and is set to 10 MB in the default installation settings. Change the value to approximately 5 MB greater than the largest drawing you will be loading but make sure you remain within your actual RAM capacity less 32MB for Windows to use otherwise you will be defeating the purpose of this setting. Also ensure that the Temp Path setting points to a directory on your local drive and not to some network drive as network connections are normally much slower than direct hard drive access.

  4. If you are using the Windows 98 operating system do not set the Temp Path to the Windows/Temp directory as this has a limitation on the size and number of temporary files which may cause a problem. Rather create and use the C:\TEMP directory.

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