Many clients seem to be confused about the security used in the AllyCAD SME and Professional version. The program is protected by means of a dongle; this is a plastic device that plugs into to printer port. There is a USB dongle available for new computers that don't have a printer port.

The standard dongle comes in 3 types, there is the older black dongle (no longer available), and a white HASP and a red HASP (network dongle). If any clients are still running AllyCAD with the black dongle, the driver for this dongle is not automatically installed when AllyCAD is installed. The steps for installing this dongle appear in Appendix 1.

For security purposes, we don't ship any dongles pre-authorised.

To authorise the software follow these steps:
  1. Install the software and reboot if requested to by the installation program, this makes sure that all the correct drivers are loaded.
  2. Plug in the dongle
  3. Open the program, and for authorisation log on as Guest (a new user can be created next time the user opens the program)
  4. Click on the File Menu › Security › Authorise option. If any error messages appear click OK or Next to continue.
  5. The following dialog will appear on the screen:

  6. On this screen you will see the User Code, there are now 3 ways to authorise your software as shown below the authorisation code.

  7. Once you have received the Confirmation code, type it into the area provided and click the Authorised button.
  8. If the code entered is correct the program will be authorised and a dialog will appear informing the user what has been authorised.

If there is an error the following will appear:

Checking Authorisation
In the latest versions of Civil Designer and AllyCAD there is a function to find out what has been authorised on a dongle plugged into the computer.

This function is available on the Help › About dialog:

Clicking authorised, will read the dongle and list the modules and version numbers authorised:


Installation of drivers for Black dongle (Activator)

After AllyCAD has been installed, the dongle drivers still have to be installed. Click on the Start › Program Files (or All Programs) › AllyCAD 3.3 › Security Tools › Unikey › Activator Driver install option. The driver installation dialog will appear:

If the driver has not been installed the Express button will be active. Click on Express, once the drivers have been installed a confirmation dialog will appear

Now we follow the same steps as authorising the white dongle, but there will be some additional information on the Module Authorisation Dialog:

You will notice that there is an area to type in the dongle serial number, once the "The Press This to Check" button has been clicked, the User Code will appear.

The other difference between the black and white dongles is the white dongles store the security on the dongle, the Black dongle stores the security on the computer, therefore if the program has to be re-installed or the program is moved to another computer, the dongle will have to be re-authorised.

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