Exporting Dwg/Dxf Drawings

AllyCAD drawings come in two types:
  • Cartesian
  • Survey
If the drawing you want to save in AutoCAD format is a Cartesian drawing then you do not have to make any changes to the drawing before doing so. However, in order to save AllyCAD Survey drawings in a format compatible with AutoCAD (which does not support Southern Hemisphere survey coordinates), you will need to make some setting changes to the drawing before saving it in the new format.

If you follow the steps presented here, you will find that AutoCAD will load the drawing with the correct orientation and coordinate settings.

NOTE: Save your drawing in AllyCAD format BEFORE making the changes outlined below.

Step 1: Hemisphere settings
To check the Hemisphere settings, select Settings › Drawing Settings › Drawing Settings to display the Drawing defaults dialog and then click on the Survey Setup button (indicated by an arrow below).

This will then display the Surveyor Settings dialog. Check the Hemisphere setting of the drawing (indicated by an arrow below).

Is the drawing set up for Northern Hemisphere ? If it is, continue with step 4. If the drawing is set up for Southern Hemisphere, continue with step 2.

Step 2: Change coordinates
As your drawing is in Southern Hemisphere coordinates which AutoCAD does not handle, you need to change the coordinate settings to correct this. The change is really easy, simply change the sign of the coordinates of the Survey Origin (indicated with an arrow below).



The rule is very simple, if the coordinate is positive (no sign) then it must now be negative (- sign), if it is negative (- sign) then it must now be positive (no sign).

Step 3: Change to Northern Hemisphere
Now that the coordinates have the correct signs, we need to change the drawing to a Northern Hemisphere drawing (as this is what AutoCAD understands. Click the Northern Hemisphere radio button (indicated with an arrow below).

Notice that after clicking on the Northern Hemisphere radio button the Survey Origin coordinates swapped around and the Northern, Easting radio button was automatically selected. Do not worry about that now, we fix it in the next step.

Step 4: Set coordinate order
Now we need to ensure that the coordinate order is correct. Click the Easting, Northing radio button (indicated by an arrow below) and the order will be corrected.

Step 5: Accept the changes
Click the OK button to accept the changes made in the Surveyor Settings dialog, and then click the OK button on the Drawing Defaults dialog.

Step 6: Save in the required AutoCAD format
Your drawing is now ready to be saved in the AutoCAD format (DWG or DXF) that you require. Select File › Save As › Save As, change the drawing type in the Save As dialog to the required type (indicated by an arrow below), enter the name for the file, and click the Save button to save the drawing.

Here is an example of an AllyCAD drawing,

which has been saved as an AutoCAD drawing:

As you can see, the drawing in AutoCAD has the same orientation as it had in AllyCAD. It also, although you cannot see it here, has the same coordinates it had in AllyCAD, except for the sign change that was made.

Note: To get back to your original AllyCAD drawing, simply open the drawing you saved before starting the steps outlined above.

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