Using The Help System

Pressing F1 loads the Help Welcome Screen, as shown below:

There are various benefits to the new help:
  • For every dialog box pressing F1 on the keyboard, loads the help system, showing a screen shot of the dialog explaining the various options available on the dialog.

  • The help file can also be printed for future reference.
  • The new help file conforms to the new help format found in all Microsoft "2000" generation products including Windows 98.

  • The minimum requirements for the new help system are as follows:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 or greater must be installed. You don't need to be connected to the Internet to use the new help system. Windows uses the graphical interface of Internet Explorer to load the help file.
  • Version 5.0 of Microsoft Internet Explorer is included on the AllyCAD CD. To install Internet Explorer insert the AllyCAD CD, cancel the install program. Open Windows Explorer and open the IE folder on the CD. Double click on iesetup.exe and follow the on screen instructions to install.
  • Users that have Netscape Navigator installed, need to install Internet Explorer to be able to view the new help.
Another unused service that is provided with AllyCAD is the readme.txt file that is installed into the AllyCAD folder on your hard drive. This file is the development log and lists all the changes in each version. This is a source of useful information, users can by reading this file see what has been updated and when.

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