Using an AllyCAD Drawing as a Title Block

This Tech Tip will illustrate how to create a sheetfile containing a plan region and a titleblock drawing.

Set up the plotting regions

Open the Sheet File Editor dialog by selecting Plot > Sheet File Editor. Change to the [GLOBAL] tab and [REGION] page.

All the values in the Sheet File Editor are specified in units of 1/10th millimeter.

Use the Global Region settings to define the border of the sheet to be plotted as if it was an A0 sheet. When plotting, the sheet file will be scaled to the desired sheet size.

Change to the [PLAN] [REGION] page and edit the values as follows.

These values define the actual position where the drawing will fit in, which excludes the title block area. Change to the [PREVIEW] tab to view the sheet file.

The top rectangle represents the plan region, while the enclosing rectangle represents the global region. Press [SAVE AS] and save the sheetfile.

Include a drawing as the titleblock

An AllyCAD drawing can be included as part of a sheet file. This function can be used to include a titleblock containing company logos ext. There are however a few pre-requisites for such drawings:

The drawing settings of any drawing that has to be included in a sheet file has to be changed to the above settings. This will assure that the drawing will be loaded into the sheetfile at the correct size and scale.

Specify the drawing that has to be included by selecting [GLOBAL][DRAWINGS]. Specify the sheet file position for the center of the drawing using the [X-Origin] and [Y-Origin] columns. Right click on the [DRAWING PATH] column and select the desired drawing file name.

Change to the [PREVIEW] tab to view the sheetfile.

Insert a Scale bar

Change to the [GLOBAL][SCALE BAR] page to define the scale bar. Enter the coordinates for the bottom left corner of the proposed scale bar in the [X-ORIGIN] and [Y-ORIGIN] cells. Also enter the scale bar height (in 10th of millimeters), the pen colour and text height as follows.

Change to the [PREVIEW] tab to view the sheetfile.

Insert Text into the Sheet File

Change to the [GLOBAL][TEXT] page to enter text into the sheet file. We will be entering text for the drawing scale, which will automatically be done when plotting. We will also define a prompt for the drawing number, which the user will enter when plotting.

Enter the coordinates for the text origin in the first two columns and the text Origin in the [LORG] column. Enter the text height, rotation, pen colour and font in the appropriate columns.

To instruct the program to enter data (e.g. the scale) at the defined position, specific code words within {} must be used. These codes are easily accusable by right clicking on a cell in the [TEXT] column. When you want the program to prompt the user, enter the prompt within <> brackets.

Change to the [PREVIEW] tab to view the sheetfile. Press [OK] and save the sheetfile.

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