Creating Sheet Files

There are various ways to create a new sheet file in AllyCAD. The Sheet File Editor (SFE) is available on the Plot menu.

You can easily modify one of the sheet files that are shipped with AllyCAD. These sheet files are installed onto your hard drive during the installation process. The Sheet File Editor defaults to this folder when looking for sheet files. Once you have made changes to the supplied sheet files, it is good practice to save the modified file under a different name. This helps if the new sheet is corrupted during the modification.

You can also create a new sheet from scratch. This is the most complicated method and involves loading or drawing a new sheet by following the below steps:

Click on Settings › Drawing Settings

The drawing must be A0 and at a scale of 1:1, with units in mm. The drawing co-ordinate system must be Surveyor.

Click on Surveyor Setup.

Make sure under the Surveyor Settings that you set your settings as shown below.

Once this has been set, the various positions of the lines and text that makes the sheet can be obtained. Using the snap modes you can jump to the start and end points, the co-ordinates are shown at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. (Note all values from CAD must be multiplied by 10 when entered into the Sheet File Editor.

These values are then entered into the Sheet File Editor. Using the Preview tab. The user can preview the new sheet and check if the sheet looks similar to the sheet drawn in the CAD.

To simplify the reading of the co-ordinates from the CAD drawing, open AllyCAD twice, one in CAD mode, the other in the Sheet File Editor.

Once the new sheet has been created, the same sheet can be used for any size drawing, AllyCAD will automatically scale the sheet to fit.

The final way is to use an existing sheet and load it as a drawing into the Sheet File Editor. Loading drawings is a good way to load company logos etc. The drawings must be in AllyCAD format, A0 Cartesian co-ordinate system and in a scale of 1:1 and in mm. The text positions and plotting regions still need to be specified in the Sheet File Editor.

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